Welcome to Concord

For those people who don’t want to read the whole thing until the end:

Concord is an interactive news platform designed for independent journalism.

If you are interested in this platform do Sign up for our Beta. Now, for those who didn’t leave and want to know in detail what Concord is and who we are, I will try to make this read worth your time.

What’s interactive about it?

News is essentially conversations that a community gets involved in and journalists make sure that this conversation remains rooted in reality and well-informed. However, making an informed opinion takes a bit of hard work and nowadays with the increasing fake news it has become harder. So a lot of people choose their facts to support their opinions in conversations.

We are working towards designing systems that enable users to be part of the news that matters to them. Our first attempt is with the storytelling device called diPoll. Reporters will be required to design a diPoll (poll with 2 options) around their stories in which, users will get 24 hours to vote.

Polls won’t be a side dish the way comments are on any news website, they will be a part of the whole story.

At the end of each news story, the users would be voting on one of the 2 options. Once they vote they’ll get to see the public opinion and most importantly the motivation behind people who voted differently in the form of a Thread and they can also mention theirs (just like Twitter threads). After 24 hours, Once the diPoll has ended, it will become read-only and the users can go through- what happened (the news event), how people reacted to it (the public opinion) and form an informed opinion by understanding the motivation behind the people who voted differently. So forming an opinion will be a 3 step process:

1. Read a news story
2. Vote or voice your opinion
3. Engage with the people who voted differently

Users on Concord won’t be just relying on the journalists to be informed but also on each other. We know this is easier said than done but as mentioned above news is a conversation that a community involves in and we are just building a better system of enabling conversation among people with different views.

About our claim “independent journalism”

We aim to build a publishing platform for independent journalists. Currently, independent journalists face a lot of hassle in getting a story out. As evident as it is, the main issue that they face is: getting paid on time. We aim to pay the journalists according to the engagement with their news stories.

Building your audience

This will not just help them in getting a constant income but also help in building their audience. The exponential rise of influencer culture has shown us how powerful having your own audience can be.

Join us

We are currently in our Beta phase with a handful of users on Android. If you think you could help us make this platform better do Sign up!