Our Manifesto

Do more with news than just reading it.

We believe that passive news consumption was gone with the advent of the Internet. Users nowadays are fact-checking, voicing their opinions, and sometimes even reporting the news.
If not the news sourcing part, people are an active part of the news dissemination process. User participation will be central to the news experience on Concord. Where can we enable the user to contribute more effectively is something that we'll keep asking ourselves.

No ads.

Our goal is to deliver the best news experience so that they keep supporting the journalism outlets they care about. Best news experience & supporting journalism- this is where we want to spend our energies not on delivering value to advertisers. That being said, we won't make accessing credible news a luxury. We'll be working towards making credible news accessible for all but this is not where we can start with.

Transparency over Authority

Journalism is an industry that doesn't like to keep itself held accountable the way it tries to keep other entities accountable. Every media house wants to sell itself as the sole authority that provides the truth, reporting something wrong just negates that proposition. We want to add transparency to this opaque-looking industry in the form of checks & balances that make them accountable to the public, the subscribers.

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